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Dive into a world of knowledge! Join the Grandha Vahak family today and unlock a wealth of wisdom tailored just for you. Subscribe to our membership plans and embark on a journey of learning and exploration.


Grandha Vahak

The Word Grandha Vahak is derived from two Sanskrit words-‘Grandha’ meaning Books and ‘Vahak’ meaning carrier.

In this era of technological revolution, we strive to ensure that there is a market for books in printed format. Grandha Vahak leverages the power to offer online customers a premier destination for renting multilingual books at their doorstep through our logistic partners.

At presently, books are available in 6 lanuguages. Our library mainly consists of  English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kanada and Malayalam.

Grandha Vahak allows people to access physical books through our App or Website, with the ease of their smart devices. It is a network of libraries across the nation, in addition to our library. The subscriber can view the synopsis of their desired books through their App/website, from their smart device. After which, the selected books will be delivered to their doorstep. They can hold the book, for the agreed number of days and after that, once the subscriber intimates a return, on the App/website, it will be collected and delivered back to the original library, where it was dispatched from. We provide a return cover at the time of delivery, where in the books would be sent back to the library.

Print books have seen a resurgence- they can be better for your brain, health, and the planet. The concept was to solve the issue that if the reader could not come to a library/bookstore, what if we took the library to them? We have a range of books starting from the kids whom we encourage to read to an aged person who desires to read. Our collection of books is extensively distributed for easy access of members Further we have Academic books, UPSC exam preparation books, Government exam preparation books, cooking books, and religious books e.t.c. And our vision is to keep all the books available that are suitable for the subscriber.

We also provide you an opportunity, to join as our partners, by donating or giving your books for our App and Website, and in return, we provide you the service charges for the services you provided. By doing this, you are helping society and our subscribers to view your bookshelves as well, and you are also exposed to the world of books from other connected libraries. Kindly visit our Contact Us
Page to get in touch with us for partnership agreements.

We encourage reading that can influence human characteristics and motivate them to be a better citizen. We would like to see you on our team either by subscribing or as a librarian. Our main vision is to ensure that the habit of reading prevails and is passed on to the next generations.

We look forward to pampering and nourishing all of your knowledge needs and have a fruitful association with you for a long time to come.

Happy Reading,


Top Recommened Books !!!

“Explore the literary favorites at Grandha Vahak! Discover the most popular books that have captivated readers worldwide. From gripping novels to thought-provoking classics, our collection is a treasure trove of stories that stand the test of time. Dive into the bestsellers and elevate your reading experience!

Exclusive Access to Knowledge

Dive into a realm of exclusive knowledge! With Grandha Vahak, you don't just read books; you gain access to a curated treasure trove of wisdom.

World's #1 Platform

Grandha Vahak: Where Excellence Meets Readership! Join the global community on the world's #1 platform for an unparalleled reading experience.

Easy Subscription Process

Unlocking a world of books has never been simpler! Joining the Grandha Vahak family is a breeze with our easy subscription process.

Hassle-Free Book Return

Grandha Vahak makes your reading experience risk-free! Finish the last page, and if you're not captivated, no worries! Our easy return policy lets you swap books hassle-free.

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